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Consultation (15 Min)

Wash & Retwist (1 Hr)

Wash & Retwist Only (2 Hrs)

Wash, Retwist, and Style (1.5 Hrs)

Wash, Retwist, & Style (2.5 Hrs)

Wash, Retwist, and Ropes (1.5 Hrs)

Wash, Retwist, & Curls (2.5 Hrs)

Kids Retwist With Free Style (1 Hr)

Style Only (20 Min)

Starter Locs on Short Hair [Comb Coils] (2.5 Hrs)

Starter Locs on Long Hair [Comb Coils] (3 Hrs)

Micro Loc Starters (3 Hrs)

Interlocking Maintenance with Style (2 Hrs 15 Min)

Interlocking Maintenance only Style not included (2 Hrs 15 Min)

Pruning (60 Min)

Repair Per Loc (One Loc 5 Min) 

[Consultation required if more than 10 repairs] 

Residue Remover (30 Min)

Deep Condition / Hot Oil (20 Min)

Thinning/Breakage Treatment (30 Min)

Color [Tips] (1 Hr)

Color [Full head/Short to Long Hair] (1.5 Hrs)

Micro Loc Maintance /Sisterloc Maintaince (3.5 Hrs)

Starter Locs [Kids 6 & Under] (2 Hrs)

Micro Loc Retwist (2 Hrs 15 Min)
Curls Only (45 Min)

Reconstruction of Locs [Whole Head] (2.5 Hrs)

Wash and Style Only of Sister Locs (1 Hr)

 Wash and Style Basic Only (45 Min)

Trim of Locs Only (30 Min)

Grey Cover Roots Only (30 Min)

Comb Out Locs (4 Hrs)
Discount Specials

Father Son Special $30 off Reg. Price 

Mother Daughter Special $30 off Reg. Price

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